How Batterjee Medical College Increased Lead Generation by 90% with arabot’s AI-powered Chatbot Solution

October 31, 2023

How Batterjee Medical College Increased Lead Generation by 90% with arabot’s AI-powered Chatbot Solution

Company Name: Batterjee Medical College Industry: Education


Batterjee Medical College is a leading private medical college based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia which offers a variety of bachelor's degrees in healthcare programmes with a unique medical education.

In July 2020, Batterjee Medical College (BMC) turned to arabot to help them attract new students, provide a better user experience and reduce the workload on their admission teams. The chatbot solution, developed by arabot, was able to automate customer inquiries and answer more than 800 questions, including FAQs about the overall college experience, academic programmes, student services such as registration, grades, timetables and financial aid applications, along with questions related to employee services for administration team and academic staff. 

The chatbot was designed to interact with users while on-the-go using the messaging platform WhatsApp, enabling the college to offer a high level of support to students and prospects. The chatbot also integrates with the college’s backend information system, allowing BMC to to customize and provide personalized answers. By the end of Q2, BMC saw a 90% increase in their conversions and sales and a 10% increase in their total number of student enrollments. In addition to providing users with the information they needed, the chatbot solution also led to a 20% reduction in average wait times. Using technologies such as artificial intelligence, natural language processing (NLP) and multiple language functions, arabot has helped BMC to reach their goals, leading the way for educational institutions in the region. 

In a nutshell


The Challenge

Batterjee Medical College is a leading academic institution that offers medical education that meets quality standards, attracting many students from a variety of backgrounds in the region. As a result, the college constantly experienced a surge in inbound communications. The college wanted to improve their communication with their customers and promptly respond to the demand for information from incoming students, staff and parents. As the demand for digital services is constantly rising, BMC also wanted to actively engage with prospects, promote quality and relevant content to customers, and boost lead generation online.


The Solution

When looking to engage prospects and improve communication with students, the college’s management turned to arabot, the MENA’s leading semantic automation and conversational AI solutions provider. arabot worked with the college to build an AI-powered chatbot designed to automate manual processes, meet growing demand of users and promptly direct website visitors to appropriate resources and relevant content. It is delivered via the messaging platform WhatsApp, and using arabot’s Bot Builder platform, BMC’s team has been able to build and roll out the chatbot in just two months.

The technology solution has a chat interface that interacts with users in Arabic and English. The chatbot acts as a first line of support for university users, answering questions 24 hours a day and seven days a week regarding student services from registration, scholarships, timetables and grades to the college’s life, tutors, academic programmes, and more.

Ask Hakeem Feature:

  • Integrating the "Ask Hakeem" GPT feature into BMC chatbot, designed to provide answers to medical students' educational inquiries, embodies a commitment to values such as accessibility, accuracy, efficiency, empowerment, and continuous improvement. By offering readily available and reliable information through "Ask Hakeem," BMC chatbot promotes the value of accessible education, empowers learners, and underscores the importance of precision in the field of medicine. Its user-centered design ensures it remains adaptable to evolving educational needs. This initiative ultimately reflects a dedication to enhancing the educational experience and fostering the growth of future medical professionals with the support of "Ask Hakeem."
  • You can check out live preview of the feature here


The Results

BMC was able to greatly accelerate their student enrollment process while reducing the need for always-available personnel to manually manage applications outside working hours. In addition, the college was able to integrate their back-end services with the chabot solution. The team at BMC has relied on arabot to help them achieve a 90% boost in sales and generate hot leads than they did before. By creating targeted and informative content and boosting their conversion rate, the team boosted total student enrollments by 10% since the launch of the chatbot solution in July 2020. Through working with arabot, BMC was able to make a smooth transition to digital transformation and provide value to their customers. 


  • 10% Boost in Final Student Enrollments
  • 90% Increase in Sales and Lead Generation
  • Better Customer Engagement

Moreover, the chatbot improved the following business processes at BMC:

  • Contact Center: Engaging better with customers.
  • IT Department: Creating and maintaining APIs.
  • Marketing Team: Creating informative and consistent content.
  • Student Affairs: Applying for registration.
  • Academic Affairs: Checking marks, class schedule and exams.



“The AI-powered chatbot solution developed by arabot enabled us to deliver faster, higher-quality support for our students and tremendously cut down on response times. Our admission teams and college support staff use the chatbot to create engaging content and interact with current and potential students, parents, and graduates on a scale that would require a team of hundreds of agents, which ultimately helped us successfully increase lead volume and improve conversion rates.”

Dr. Adnan Mustafa Albar
Chief Information Officer, Batterjee Medical College