Building an authentic conversational experience for your customers.

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Chatbot Platform

Enterprise, low code Conversational AI platform for end-to-end customer interaction and service fulfillment automation.

Experience the power of arabot's drag and drop conversation builder and manage the conversational flow of business chatbots from one convenient interface,easy and fast.

WhatsApp Automation

Engage with your customers on their prfereed channel.

Connect with over 2B+ active users on Whatsapp Business API, deliver a personalized customer experience, serve your customers 24/7 with immediate response, expand your reach with outbound targeted messages and notification to help your customer get the job done faster and all running in real time with a comprehensvie dashboard presenting your main actionalbe insihghs and KPIS.

Marketplace (Integration)

Deliver a delightful customer experience with end-to-end automation for both basic and mission critical services and processes for your marketing, sales, payment & collection and customer support.

Playbook (templates)

a list of pre-built bot playbooks with customized stories and use cases so you can launch a mission-specific chatbot quickly and easily using your own brand messaging, communication contents and service integration.